Organise and implement a more productive inbound system

Our specialised staff will always give your customers the best service

We will quickly implement a professional team of outstanding customer service agents to answer any request or questions that might come in.
Ingmar Mier
Founder & Managing Director

never miss that urgent call ever again

Most people have come across the problem of not being able to answer everyone’s calls throughout the day. You might be in a meeting or travelling and unable to answer. New prospects disappear without leaving a message, and customers with urgent needs get frustrated. Even if clients or prospects can get you on the mobile, you might need access to some company resource unavailable at the time, and that means scheduling a call-back later. 

The whole inbound call system quickly requires a dedicated team and a whole lot more work trying to implement it.

Your customers will thank you

Our service is simple. Instead of hiring several new people and dealing with all the extra administration that comes with it, we can take care of all your inbound calls for you in one easy step. 

The dedicated team will learn your systems, work from scripts and immediately respond to requests and queries. We log all the calls, prioritise urgent messages and store every detail in a web-based CRM keeping track of everything you need to know.

We can also record and monitor the quality of service to make sure we reflect your company’s values.

In Essence

The remote capabilities of our inbound calls team will give your customers the satisfaction that their every need is taken care of while projecting an efficient, professional image of your company. 

We’re confident your customers will thank you for an excellent service.


every call that comes in and never lose a customer because they didn’t feel heard.


more efficient and productive with your inbound call system, helping you retain customers and stay on top of customers enquiries.


to increased demand quickly as you grow your business without the need to hire more staff


your customers with the type of service that will make them recommend you to their friends and colleges

How we do it

On assessment, we will determine the level of service your company needs to be able to answer every request from your customers.

We can then allocate, train and organise the specific agent or team to your inbound system.

The team will quickly learn your systems, work from scripts to be able to respond to whatever requests and queries that come in immediately.

The whole workflow will be fully integrated seamlessly into your system for maximum efficiency.

Contact us today and find out what’s possible.

+44 795 866 8388

We’re here to help answer any questions you might have, and we hope we can become your dependable ally on all your successful campaigns in the future.

what others say

“Ingmar and team worked for us at Pitney Bowes and later at precisely. I don't exaggerate in saying that this has been the most professional Lead Generation Team I have worked with. It simply makes such a difference when you work with senior people who understand products and solutions you want to sell. The team has not only been able to establish pitches based on our value propositions but also to refine them in relation to the experiences they have. This has shortened our time to market significantly and improved the success rate tremendously. No surprise that he and his team exceeded targets on a repeat basis!”
Marcus Enger
Territory Manager EngageOne Central Europe at precisely
"In the last six years that we have worked with Metatron, they have been able to hit and exceed their targets 100% of the time. In that time, we were delighted to be able to extend their sales support service to cover the UK, France and Germany. Overall a great service and excellent communication."
Iris Träger-Toff
Director Demand Generation & Regional Strategy EMEA Pitney Bowes Software & Data
"Metatron has worked with our sales team in the DACH region. They understood our product and value proposition incredibly quickly and was able to position Sterling to a new client base. Metatron continually exceeded their targets, and as a result, we were able to reach a larger audience than we would have ever expected. They have excellent communication skills, and everyone enjoyed working with them – a proactive approach that brings a wealth of experience to campaigns."
Stephen Dobson
Global Sales Director
Sterling Data Rooms

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